The Inn is a member of the HERA 20 project, established to promote the use of tap water, which  does not undergo any purifying treatments within supply systems but retains all its genuine properties.
The project, which aims to change individual habits and behaviours with the aim of increasing awareness of  water as a resource and reducing the consumption of plastic bottles, has been supported by an information campaign involving publication of data on the water quality in the different territories served by Hera and the environmental and economic benefits arising from the consumption of tap water.

Drinking tap water instead of mineral water generates significant cost savings (250 euros for household consumption of 1,000 litres of mineral water, compared with 1.43 euros for the same amount of tap water) and environmental benefits: a 98% decrease in environmental CO2  emissions (about 1 million fewer cars  considering the annual consumption of mineral water in Italy) and about 9,000,000 fewer PET bottles to be disposed or recycled.


At the Inn you can drink smooth and sparkling fresh tap water.

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